You’ll Ice Pick Your Eye Out, Kid

Aysha regales us with lovely stories of what used to be accepted treatment for mental patients while Haleigh takes us on a magical journey to Blockula.

Grab your prom tacos and ready yourself for anguish and Satan!

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sweet jesus

We hope you enjoy the episode! Side note: we’re asking for microphones for Christmas, but we think Krampus is coming this year.

mora german


Episode 7: Encino Men and Brainless Boys

Hello again freaky friends!

This week we have a chat about a lost expedition that left perfectly preserved frozen corpses from 1845. Later, Aysha tells about some disturbing medical conditions that are sure to spark some ethical and emotional conversation.


three frozen

Get ready to discover each our final wishes and funeral plans. And hear some tales of Terror and Trevor.

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If you would like to read more of Aysha’s article, you can find it here.

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Happy Halloween!

Welcome to the Halloween special!

The whole sister gang is here! Youngest sister, Makenah, joins us for her first episode and to share a tale of murder! Haleigh tells us about a two faced man and some two beaked birds, and Aysha gets lawyered up!

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We hope your Halloween was full of mischief, mayhem and much candy!


Episode 5: Hand Washing Half and Half

We’re back!

This time we meet Ignaz Semmelweis, learn that cadavers and gynecology don’t mix, and Aysha takes half the episode to rant. Sorry Jesus, Aysha just isn’t that into you.

Enjoy this cross-country recording because the next episode has us both in the same room!

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