You’ll Ice Pick Your Eye Out, Kid

Aysha regales us with lovely stories of what used to be accepted treatment for mental patients while Haleigh takes us on a magical journey to Blockula.

Grab your prom tacos and ready yourself for anguish and Satan!

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sweet jesus

We hope you enjoy the episode! Side note: we’re asking for microphones for Christmas, but we think Krampus is coming this year.

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Rantisode: Don’t Talk About That

We’re up to Episode 4! Hey, we’re pretty proud of ourselves.

This episode Haleigh and Aysha rant all about people who annoy them. And anxiety. And maybe religion just a bit. Also Aysha cooks zucchini and eats into the microphone – and why shouldn’t she? It’s our podcast, we do what we want!

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Shugaba Haunted House

Hello Sisteresque Coven!

Aysha and Haleigh are back with episode 3! Aysha is convinced their grandparents’ old farm house is haunted and recounts childhood experiences to prove it! Haleigh remains skeptical, possibly annoyingly so.

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Enjoy the spooky family history!


Aysha is a Henry

We’re back for episode 2!!


It only took about 2 months for us to get our shit together, but it’s here! We talk aliens, ghosts, beliefs and healthy doses of skepticism. Get to know the sisters of Sisteresque a bit better with this babbling, cursing, good creeptastic fun episode!

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Enjoy the psycho babble!


Episode One: Let’s Ouija!

Ok, so a loose history of the Ouija Board, but we did our best and had a great time! Enjoy!

Listen Here:


Safety precaution words: “Light, Beff, Cletemati, Adonai, Cleona, Flcrit”

I did mis-speak and say “Clemati” but I wrote it correctly, so we were safe. Yes, I can read.

$1 in 1900 is equivalent in purchasing power to $27.57 in 2017

Check out the article we read from Smithsonian Magazine.

You can purchase a Ouija Board on Amazon (or just read reviews) here.

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