Rantisode: Don’t Talk About That

We’re up to Episode 4! Hey, we’re pretty proud of ourselves.

This episode Haleigh and Aysha rant all about people who annoy them. And anxiety. And maybe religion just a bit. Also Aysha cooks zucchini and eats into the microphone – and why shouldn’t she? It’s our podcast, we do what we want!

Listen on Spotify, Stitcher or iTunes, or play it right here on the website.

If you like our stuff, please comment here or follow us on Instagram @sisteresque and let us know how you deal with asshole people in a professional, polite manner. Or how you don’t. Either way.

Thanks for listening – and clicking on ads if you can, because we’re poor and need more tacos.



Published by

Sisteresque Fibers

Hi, I'm Haleigh! I am the dyer and maker behind Sisteresque Fibers on Etsy. I also create the Sisteresque Podcast with my sister Aysha.

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